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Why My Horse Doesn't Smile?
Why My Horse Doesn't Smile?

'Customer' has always been the focal point of any business. However, in today?s business world, 'Customer Service' is the ONLY differentiator. Customer service is the latest 'mantra' for success. Better the services a customer receives and more importantly perceives; better are the chances that the business will evolve and grow. It is a proven fact: a satisfied customer becomes the source of word-of-mouth advertising and also continues to remain a loyal customer.

In order to have a competitive edge over competitors, it is a must for an organization to provide the ultimate experience to each and every customer. Good quality customer service helps organizations to create positive moments of truth in their interaction with customers leading to unparalleled advantage over competitors. It is a necessity to reinforce the earlier positive experience of customer in future interactions with them. Also, it is important for you to understand that your role is more than just a job? It is an opportunity to connect with customers, and to brighten their day, to possibly make a difference in the way they shop. In order to serve better, you first need to identify:

  • The issues and concerns that restrict you from offering good customer service.
  • Different ideas and better ways and means to deliver world class customer service to every customer?
  • What do you need to do in order to make customer service a priority?
  • How can you exceed customer?s expectations so that they remain loyal to your organization?

This book will help you decipher the ?mantra? for success, i.e., ?How to serve your customers with a smile?. The examples shared in this book may or may not be directly related to the type of product or service you are offering may be through a call center or at a retail outfit. However, both ?Tips? and the ?Words of caution? mentioned in this book will help you to improve interactions with customers. In addition, they will also help you to improve your overall personality and relationships with others.

Vivek Mehrotra & Neelesh Kapoor

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