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Why My Horse Doesn't Smile?
Why My Horse Doesn't Smile?

A Moment of Truth

In today's world there is no monopoly; most of the products and its substitutes (both high end and economical) are easily available in the market. The question arises as to what is that force that compels you to go to a particular shop to buy a particular product, which otherwise is available at all the stores. Well, deciding to buy a particular product is a one time event; however, where you decide to buy it from depends upon the service you get at the various shops. Look back into your own buying pattern: don't you keep buying your monthly consumables from a particular shop till the time shopkeeper’s behavior displeases/ surprises you? It is true that when we go to shop as a customer, apart from the needs and wants we have lots of EXPECTATIONS which we expect to be fulfilled by the shopkeeper. Some of these expectations, when we enter a shop, are:

  • Someone must attend me when I enter the shop.
  • I should be greeted with a friendly smile.
  • I should be treated like the most honorable guest.
  • I should be offered a seat / water / tea, etc.
  • I should be served at the earliest, preferably first.

Smile: An Essential Dress

It is your smile that helps you to achieve customer satisfaction or customer loyalty. It is priceless. It is said, "The most expensive dress in your wardrobe is a smile on your face". However, most of us behave like a miser while using this priceless gift given to us by God. Researches have confirmed that we need fewer muscles to bring a smile on our face than for crying. Swami Vivekanand affirmed, "The Smile increases the self-immunity automatically". Whenever we smile, it brings a charm to our personality captivates one and all and is a sign of love and affection, forgiveness and fortitude.

A word of caution: just being passionate about doing something does not mean that you will be able to do it well. You need to have the necessary aptitude as well. A positive attitude helps you develop the required aptitude. It is rightly said, "To be successful in life, one need 20% Aptitude and 80% of Attitude".

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