Vivek Mehrotra
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Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
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Once upon a time two Buddhist monks were traveling. On the way, they came across a swollen river flooded with rain water. As they were preparing themselves to swim across, they have heard a voice, a female voice asking for help. At some distance, they saw a young lady struggling with the force of the river water, holding on to a tree branch which had fallen in the river. One of the monks immediately jumped into the river, took her on his back, and swam across the river. After sometime the other monk also crossed the river and they started walking, towards their destination.

The moment they started walking the second monk started criticizing the first monk. What kind of a Buddhist monk are you? We are not even supposed to look at woman; you not only saw her but also touched her too. He kept on talking and the first monk kept on listening patiently. After almost an hour, the first monk very sweetly told his fellow monk, “Bandhu, I had left that lady at the river bank; you are still carrying her with you”. This story has a strong message for all of us. We neither easily forget the mistakes of others, nor do we forgive them. This becomes a hindrance in maintaining good relationships with others.

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