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Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
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Quotes on Communication

“If the emotions could easily be faked, they would do more harm than good”

- Anonymous

“When you are being chased by a mad dog or a robber has a knife at your throat this is hardly the time to talk of your ‘RIGHTS’ or to be Assertive”

- Anonymous

“God give me the power to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what should be changed & the wisdom to know the difference”

- Anonymous

“The biggest mistake those studying assertiveness commit, is to practice first or immediately on Boss or Spouse”.

- Anonymous

No one gets through life without being hurt by another person.

- Garrett Coan

“Tone of voice, look and manner can prove no less eloquent than choice of words.”

- Francois La Rochefoucauld

“Words are like bullets of a gun, if used improperly, they hurt a person on permanent basis, scars remain for lifetime”.

- Anonymous

“Human beings are the most fragile commodity; they get shattered with just a word”

- Anonymous

No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others.

- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“If you believe you can do a thing or if you can’t, in either case you are probably right”

- Henry Ford

It is the province of knowledge to speak, and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen, learn and change.

- Anonymous

Be a good listener; encourage others to talk about themselves.

- Dale Carnegie

Being listened to means we are taken seriously, our ideas and feelings are known, and, ultimately, what we have to say matters.

- Nichols

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