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Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
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Lighter Moments

One day a classical music enthusiast came home early. He asked his wife to get ready as he had got two passes for the classical music concert where the best musicians of the country were performing. His wife refused to come, as she had no interest in classical music. While he was about to leave home, his 8-year-old son said that he wanted to come along. The father agreed reluctantly. It was better to then waste time discussing him. The program had started by the time they reached the hall. During intermission, the son curiously asked his father, “Dad, I have noticed something peculiar. While the man on the stage was singing, I noticed two types of persons in the audience. Most of them were listening to the singer very carefully as their heads were straight and looking towards the stage. It seemed as if they were enjoying the performance. On the other hand, some of them were not even looking towards the stage and were moving their heads unnecessarily. It seems they were not interested in listening to the singer. The father smiled and replied, “Sorry, my son, you are absolutely wrong”. In classical music the singer throws ‘SUR’ in the form of shoes towards the audience. Those who noticed promptly saved themselves by moving their heads while others kept on getting hit. Though, this is a joke, it communicates the importance of carefully observing the gestures and postures of the audience in order to derive meaningful feedback.

It was a Sunday morning, a sunny day. A couple was relaxing on the terrace of their penthouse. The husband had attended a late night party, where he had drunk heavily. The wife brought a cup of tea for her husband. She picked up the newspaper that was lying on the side and began to read it. Suddenly, she saw an article published in the newspaper on the bad effects of excessive drinking. She asked her husband to read it. Since the husband was not in a mood to do so, she started to read the article aloud so that he could listen to it. She was reading enthusiastically with appropriate paralinguistic and non-verbal communication. However, the husband was still under the hangover effect of yesterday’s alcohol. After reading aloud the whole article wife asked him his opinion. The husband said, “Ok, it will be stopped from tomorrow”. The wife was very happy that henceforth her husband would stop drinking. Next day morning there was a big surprise for her when she found that the newspaper was stopped. Though this is just a joke, it communicates the fact explicitly that people listen to what they want to listen and not necessarily what is being said. Selective listening can become a major barrier to your communication. Therefore, while communicating you must be vigilant and notice the non-verbal messages carefully. If your communication or presentation is boring the listener, you need a change in your approach. Or else it will become a barrier.

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