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Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
Why My Horse Doesn't Listen?
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“How you communicate is entirely your choice” – This is the critical theme of Why My Horse Doesn’t Listen. Communication, to a great extent, depends upon how one listens. Listening is the foundation of effective communication. It is the key to win friends, improve the relationship with your spouse, boost business profits, or advance your career. The coverage of this book is exhaustive, with a pragmatic approach. It deals with communication in a comprehensive manner and the book lays the foundation for effective communication. This book is an effective tool for a rewarding professional career and a successful personal and social life.

The book is designed to help readers transform themselves into successful individuals by using communication to its full effect. Readers will be able to relate to the situations mentioned in the book, which are critical for increasing awareness about various aspects of communication resulting in improved relationships, leading to greater personal and professional success. As you read the book, you will realize that it is written in an amazingly simple style – with no sermons and lengthy research findings. The simplicity with which ideas are explained followed by real-life examples make the book interesting.

This book is a simple guide with clear insights on what to do and how to do, in order to communicate effectively. Specific tips for improving an individual’s communication are given at the end of almost every topic of the book. These ‘Points To Ponder’ will instigate the thought process of readers towards the specific areas that an individual requires to work upon in order to be successful in his or her professional and personal life.

Aimed at improving communication skills, this book makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of readers as well as their team and family members. However, it is the reader’s attitudes and the willingness to get transformed into a successful individual that will enhance the utility of the book. I am sure this book will benefit a serious and initiated reader, who follows the ideas and practices laid out in this book. I encourage all of you to read this book.

Prof. (Retd.) S. Sreenivas Rao
Indian Institute of Management

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