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Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
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'Eat your own fruit'

“Some disciples one day asked to their guru, “Guruji, you tell us stories but never tell us its meanings”.

Guruji replied, “How would you feel if someone offers you fruit after chewing it”.

What is the moral of story?

The moral of the story is that nobody can teach or train anybody. It is the individual who puts the leanings into practice and thus trains himself. Hence, experiential learning is the best form of learning, as it lasts much longer.

“There was a couple who did not have a child. Hence, they bought a pet, a puppy dog. Since, they had no child they were very much attached to the puppy. They wanted it to be healthy and therefore, used to take every care of it, used to provide him good food. Someone suggested them that if you give ‘Cod liver oil’ to the puppy daily it will become robust. They bought ‘Cod liver oil’ and started giving it daily. It was very difficult for them to make the puppy drink the oil, as it used to jump and run around. Therefore, husband used to catch the puppy between his legs and the wife used to pour the oil in its mouth with the help of a big funnel

One day while making the puppy drink some oil got spilled on the ground, while wife went to bring something to clean the ground, to their surprise they found puppy licking the oil from the ground. That day they have realized the fact that the dog never opposed to drink the oil but what it was opposing the way they were making it to drink the oil”.

One day a lady took his son to a saint and asked him, “Guruji my son eats lots of sweets please tell him not to do so,” Guruji after listening to her patiently asked her to come after 15 days. After 15 days lady once again with lot of hopes came to guruji’s kutia. Guruji once again asked her to come after 15 days. She went back. After 1 month she came again to guruji’s kutia. The saint called his son and asked him to sit close to him. Then he told him the various disadvantages of taking sweets in high quantities.

To the mother’s surprise from that day onward the boy had stopped consuming sweets at all. Lady was extremely happy and went back to the same saint for thanking him. She said, “Guruji, thank you very much, your few sentences have done miracles, my son had stooped eating sweets. But I have a question in my mind. When you were to say only few sentences then why you took one month to say that”. “Because I myself used to eat a lot of sweets”, the saint replied.

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