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Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
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“You can take a horse to the pond but cannot make it drink” is an old proverb. However, the irony is that it is true of human beings as well. Have you ever wondered -

  • “Why doesn't this person work?”
  • “Why this person doesn't work on this project / assignment?”
  • “Why do I always get bad people (colleagues and superiors) to work with?”
  • “Could someone be more ungrateful than this person?
  • “Why does this colleague hate me?”
  • “Why does this person want to embarrass me?”

If yes, go on reading this book. You will be able to explore:

  • Why some people behave in a particular fashion?
  • What makes people work and produce extraordinary results?
  • Why some people refuse to work even when they are paid better than others?
  • What makes people dissatisfied at the work place?
  • Why some people don’t get along with others?

Apart from answering the above-mentioned questions, this book will help you understand basic human needs, which keep driving a person towards the goal one has set for oneself. This book will also answer the question as to why some people are highly motivated whereas others are not.

Eventually the book will help you increase productivity of your team members by improving their job satisfaction.

Prof. (Retd.) S. Sreenivas Rao
Indian Institute of Management

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