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Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
Why My Horse Doesn't Drink?
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Kanchan an extraordinary brilliant young man got selected in a multi-national FMCG company. He was excited; ever since he joined the management school it was his dream to join this company. He was offered a handsome package, which apart from offering a good salary included a house and a car. He was given a spacious cabin in an absolutely newly constructed office. Office cafeteria used to serve a food that taste like as if it is cooked at home. Within three month of his joining he got an opportunity to attend a training program conducted at Singapur, a place he always wanted to visit.

It has come to as a surprise to everyone when he had left the job within a period of less than six months. What was more shocking that he did not have a job in hand at the time of resigning?

Can you identify the reason for Kanchan to leave a company that he always wanted to work? Well, needless to mention, this could be few of the reasons mentioned in this chapter or it could simply be the indifferent behavior of his immediate boss. Whether people stay and thrive in an organization or they quit depends upon their immediate superior. No doubt, money is important. However, beyond a point money doesn’t matter. What matters to people is as to how his superiors treat him and how valuable he is considered for the organization.

I know an excellent representative, who started performing right from the first month of his joining the company. Within the first year he had been rated as one of the top performer of his region. His superior, in order to (“so called”) motivate him, gave him the assurance that he will be the next person to be promoted from his team. He even started sending him regularly the circulars meant for his own managers.

On another occasion when company was finding it difficult, to handle certain IR issues, used that representative for counseling his own colleagues of other territories. This undue recognition at the early stage of his career gave him a sense of euphoria. The importance and the recognition, which was given to him to motivate him further, had ultimately spoiled him. By the time, he had completed two year in the company, he started visualizing himself as a manager and became complacent. Subsequently when he was not offered the promotion as he was lacking other qualities required for being an effective manager he got frustrated. In the bargain, the company lost both a good representative and a future manager.

Juily a smart girl was extremely jubilant about her joining a 5 Star Hotel as receptionist. Her dream came true of meeting celebrities, people of high repute and from the high end of the society. She was highly enthusiastic about her job and within no time she was considered as one of the best receptionist of the hotel. However, her decision to quit the job came as a shock to everyone.
The reason for her extreme step was the one, mentioned above. Her boss the Front Office Supervisor was very happy as she used to manage all the problems / situations herself. Nevertheless, this became a problem for her as almost everyday he started expecting her to be on the job even after the scheduled duty time. On one or the other pretext he used to keep her working late. A day has come when she gave up and resigned.

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