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Real Life stories on Motivation (III)

George is the senior branch manager in a private bank, which has branches all over the country. Recently he got transferred to Ahmedabad from Bangalore. He was very happy when he first met his teammates. All of them were young boys and girls in their late twenties. He himself is in early thirties. He thought it would be a fun working with a group of enthusiastic young professionals. On the contrary, he found most of them timid, lacking initiative. Even for trivial issues they come to him for his opinion. Most of them seem to be apprehensive, which was apparent from their behavior. On provoking, directly or indirectly they have communicated the incidents, which revealed the reasons for their state of mind. They were never given an opportunity to take their decisions rather they received sarcastic comments or negative reinforcement, whenever they took initiatives. Some people were even punished when their decisions could not produce expected results.

He called a meeting of his teammates. He started the meeting by disclosing his objective, "Friends let us make our branch as the best branch in Gujarat". "How can we achieve this feat", he asked. There was a big silence and then one-person remarked sarcastically, "It is good to talk about becoming No. 1, but do we know what it needs to be a No. 1 branch". George could understand the sarcasm and invited his teammates to give their viewpoints. With some hesitations people started opening up. They came out even with the suggestions, which George thought of requesting them to implement. At once, the situation changed, everyone seems interested in giving his proposition.

Looking into their interest, George asked them to write their responsibilities. Once everyone had completed, he asked them to design the course of action and strategies to accomplish their goals. He assured them the freedom to operate. He also encouraged them to find the solutions to their problems, improve the processes, and measure the progress. He could see the transformation of his team from a dull that lacks aggression into a team full with charge, which is committed to succeed.

They did it! the branch was declared as the best branch not only in Gujarat but also of the entire west zone.

(Excerpts from the book: ‘Why My Horse Doesn’t Drink – Learn to motivate people around you)

Vivek Mehrotra

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