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Stories » Real Life stories on Motivation
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Real Life stories on Motivation (II)

Sanjay was transferred to a new area as Front Line Manager. Most of his representatives were highly involved in union activities. He narrated me this incident. One of his team members Ramesh, who was previously his classmate, was a hard working and sincere representative. While analyzing his territory sales, Sanjay realized that his performance had gone down in recent past. During the visit to Ramesh’s territory, he made it a point to discuss the reason for the drop in his performance. Since, he knew him well he was anticipating a warm welcome from his side during his first visit to the territory. On the contrary, it came to him as surprise when he saw Ramesh coming without a bike for joint fieldwork. He presumed it might be under repairing. They had worked whole day in the field; during the working Sanjay noticed his attitude as indifferent.

During his second visit to the same territory, once again he found Ramesh coming without bike. On his asking, Ramesh gave a reason, which was very funny. Ramesh said, “These days petrol is very costly”. In addition, once again Sanjay found his attitude as indifferent. Sanjay could make out that there is something wrong. He called Ramesh for dinner the same night. Sanjay tried to find out the reason for Ramesh’s indifferent attitude towards him as well as work. However, Ramesh did not give any reason. While having dinner Sanjay casually remarked, “You do not put your heart in work, otherwise you can do miracles”. This worked as a trigger. Ramesh just burst out, “how do you expect me to put my heart in work when there is nobody in the company to look after me”. They came to Sanjay’s room and Ramesh told him his story.

Ramesh was posted in a town other than his hometown. Once, he had some arguments with his landlord, who was a very influential person of that town. The landlord asked him to vacate the house immediately failing which he has to face untoward consequences. He gave a frantic call to his then Front Line Manager, Sanjay’s predecessor, to render help. The Front Line Manager instead of counseling him did not even bother to call him back or visits his territory. Of course, with the intervention of few leading persons of the town, the matter got settled, however it left a scar on Ramesh’s heart. Later on this became one of the reasons for Ramesh to join the union.

(Excerpts from the book: ‘Why My Horse Doesn’t Drink – Learn to motivate people around you)

Vivek Mehrotra

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