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Real Life stories on Motivation (I)

Raghav and Sunit both were working in a large Pharmaceutical company. Their Head Quarter was Kanpur a pool territory of three representatives. Every promotional cycle of three months (90 days) company used to have an incentive plan. Even though they had a vacancy for one representative at Kanpur, they used to earn a lot of incentives. Just before the beginning of new financial year Raghav got promoted as a Front Line Manager based at Kanpur H.Q.

Immediately, after his promotion he selected Mr. Sanjay as his replacement at Kanpur. Within a short time he also filled in the vacancy of another MR at Kanpur. By the time new representative Mr. Rajeev had joined the territory, promotional cycle already started. According to the company rule in order to be eligible for incentive one must have worked for a minimum of 75 days during a particular cycle. In case a person joins in between the cycle, will get 40% of the incentive amount. However, the one who is working before the cycle started will be eligible for 60% of incentive amount.

Kanpur pool once again qualified for an incentive amount of Rs. 15000/person. By virtue of working for more than 75 days both Sanjay and Rajeev qualified for the incentive. However, according to the company’s policy, Sunit and Sanjay was disbursed Rs. 22000/- whereas Rajeev got only Rs. 8000/-. The moment Raghav had received the incentive circular could foresee the anomaly. He realized that even after receiving Rs. 22000/- Sanjay might not necessarily be as motivated as Rajeev will be demotivated. He for sure knew that the efforts put in by both of them were almost equal.

Hence, he suggested the company to distribute the amount equally between both of them. Company did listen to his suggestion and deducted Rs. 7000/- from Sanjay and paid it to Rajeev. This saved Rajeev from getting demotivated by the wrong interpretation of the company policy….

(Excerpts from the book: ‘Why My Horse Doesn’t Drink – Learn to motivate people around you)

Vivek Mehrotra

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