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Stories » Real Life stories on Customer Service
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Real Life stories on Customer Service (I)

Arun had just reached the telecom store where he was working as a customer service representative. He was in a very happy state of mind as he was just engaged. He turned-on his system and sat down, waiting for customers. The first customer, who walked in, started abusing the company and saying bad words, without any reason. Arun got up from his seat, reached the customer and politely introduced himself. He assured that he will try and assist the customer in the best possible manner. The customer shouted that his other colleagues too had assured him the same; however his problem kept on persisting since the last fifteen days. He told Arun that he had lost many business opportunities as he was unable to attend any calls during the last fifteen days. He said that he wanted to surrender the connection and would advise all his friends and colleagues to follow suit.

Arun felt that he was going to lose this customer. However, he decided to think positively and remain patient. He realized that if he accepts the customer’s decision to surrender his connection then there would be at least four to five more people who would follow suit and surrender their connections. He requested the customer to give him one more opportunity. He assured the customer that if within the next 48 hours he is unable to solve his problem, then he should feel free to surrender his connection.

The customer thought about it for a moment and said that this would be the last chance he is giving to the company. Arun, with a very calm and cool mind, asked for the customer’s phone number. He then opened the customer’s account on his computer system. While he was checking the records on his system, he requested the customer to be seated and offered him a cup of tea. He found that the reason behind the frequent disconnection, a problem which the customer was facing, was because the customer used to make too many calls for business purposes. Due to this, the usage amount of the customer had exceeded his credit limit. He informed the customer that he had checked the details and found out the reason of the problem.

Arun told the customer that the solution to his problem was that he should deposit rupees two thousand and then he would not face this problem any more. The customer, who had started to cool down, started getting angry again. He said that he would not like to pay any additional deposit as he was not informed about it when he took the connection. Arun accepted the fault and apologized to the customer for not being informed about this rule. He mentioned to the customer that he had checked the details on his account and found that the usage was not that very high just two months ago. The problem started occurring only when the usage went up recently. He asked the customer if there was any specific reason for the sudden increase in usage. The customer accepted that for last two months his usage was very high and asked to Arun as to what if the problem persisted even after depositing the additional money. Arun, very confidently said, “I am there Sir, to help you”. Arun’s words did a magic. The customer who came shouting to the store was now smiling. He simply took out his cheque book and signed the amount Arun had suggested.

Excerpts from the book: 'Why My Horse Doesn't Smile - Learn to serve your customer

Vivek Mehrotra

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