Vivek Mehrotra
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Get Set & Grow
Get Set & Grow
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Get Set & Grow is an attempt to properly channelize the full potential of a Medical Representative in the right direction.

Efforts have been made to cover all the functional aspects of this profession in these few pages. This is based on my personal experiences, of the last nineteen years first as a Medical Representative, then as a Field Manager and subsequently as a Training Manager.

Get Set & Grow has been designed to equip a representative with all the armaments of situation selling. It will prepare and develop him for accepting new and greater challenges and presents him with the opportunity to grow further in his/her career.

Get Set & Grow will certainly suggest the different ways to succeed but the real secret lies in what a person learns through his own efforts. This book can only guide and show the path. However, with the addition of what one could learn with one’s own efforts, one can walk an extra mile. A true professional is one “who attains a certain standard of proficiency in doing a job, by acquiring knowledge about it.”

To be a successful Medical Representative a blend of knowledge and character is required. Knowledge without character makes a person indecisive and ineffective while character without knowledge limits the potential of a person.

Hence in this book I have discussed all the important aspects of basic knowledge and qualities required to be successful in this profession.

Get Set & Grow is aimed at getting the representative thoroughly equipped for setting an explicit task for himself and then growing out in this vast field of Pharma Selling.


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