Vivek Mehrotra
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Get Set & Grow
Get Set & Grow
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Before going through the book Read this carefully

Life rewards human beings to the extent they are willing to work for it.

You therefore will benefit from this book only to the extent you apply yourself and act upon it.

If you read it and do nothing about it, you may have added knowledge, but there may be no growth, success or happiness in your life.

Even if you read only one chapter and apply it to your daily work you will get a great deal.

If you read the whole book, act upon it step by step and preserve in making its truth, a part of your daily work, you are on the sure road to growth and success.

Read it everyday; keep it handy for quick reference because it is based on the experience of one who has traveled on the road to success from a representative to a top grade executive. Along the way he gathered valuable tips from those close to him, acted upon them and developed and grew.

These nuggets of experience he is sharing with you through this book. I am sure this book will serve as a source of inspiration for those who look for a ‘raised quality of life’ in a career in sales.

Sharad Virmani
A Friend & Admirer

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