Vivek Mehrotra
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Get Set & Grow
Get Set & Grow
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‘Role Excellence’ means a raised quality of life, whatsoever may be your role, hardly matters. In ‘Role Excellence’, what matters is, what you do with your role and how well.

Yes, ‘Role Excellence’ is a choice; you can choose to be excellent in your role regardless of constraints. ‘Role Excellence” is striving for perfection in the activities you are performing.

If you do things differently, distinctly, you will walk that extra mile. You will go a little beyond the call of duty, your behaviour will stand out and there will be a distinct tough of grace in you.

The pursuit of excellence is not static. It is dynamic. One better each time should be your objective, as excellence is not a destination, it is a journey. Pursuit of excellence also makes good career sense. When you excel in your role the resultant joy begins to mean everything to you and you find your days richer for ever. ‘Operational Excellence’ becomes your style. The world around you takes much more than appreciative notice of you. You get picked up for higher levels of responsibilities. Hence you must respect your role. Taking more and more interest in your day-to-day work, will help you to earn more and more recognition.


The first step towards achieving ‘Role Excellence’ is to analyze your own self. This can be done by asking yourself three basic questions i.e. why, what and how?

  1. Why am I living? What is the aim of my life? What goal have I set for myself? Life without goal is like a boat without a sailor or a ship without a rudder. Your goal may be to earn more and more recognition or to earn more money or any other things you need. But your goal should clearly define your ambition in life to yourself. This is the goal of your life that offers aspiration for living. Once you have set your aim/coal, you should ask yourself the next question.
  2. If this is my goal, what efforts am I putting in to achieve it? Are they substantial?
  3. Once you have analyzed yourself on these parameters, you may effectively plan how you can further improve yourself. It is this sense of achievement of a goal that brings happiness and satisfaction in your life.

So once again ponder for a while. Are you in a career you wanted to be in or…..? If your answer is ‘Yes, I am in the right profession’, go ahead, start investing time, money and efforts for yourself, as you are the greatest asset of yourself. Train, groom and encourage yourself to climb the highest peaks of selling profession.



Someone has rightly said, “even the sky is not the limit there is space to go further”. But everyone can’t be an ‘Astronaut’. Congratulations to all of you, who have either chosen or are in the process of choosing ‘Selling’ as a career because only this profession gives you an opportunity to become an ‘Astronaut’ that too being on earth. This is the profession where the boundaries/limits of your individual success are determined by yourself. Here what you achieve is entirely in your hands…..


The selling professional is the one that stimulates your personal growth. Here your growth is directly proportional to your competence…


In the selling profession you have freedom of expression. You can express yourself in a much better way and can do whatever you want to do. Here you can utilize your individual initiative up to the fullest point…..

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