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I remember an anecdote. Just after the 2nd World War was over, all the three admirals of American, French and British Navy, while basking on the deck of a war ship, started praising their officers. The American admiral claimed that this battle had been won because the American Navy was a disciplined force. The other two admirals objected to it. “How can you say that only your people are disciplined?” At this the American admiral called an officer of American Navy, who was passing by and ordered him “Go to the top of this ship and jump into the sea”. The officer without hesitation carried out the order. With a smiling face the American admiral boasted to his counterparts, “Look this shows discipline”. The French admiral said “Ah! It is not only your officers who are disciplined, mine are too”. He also called an officer of French Navy and ordered him to the same. With some hesitation the French officer also did it. The British admiral, who had kept mum till then, quietly called one of his ordinary sailors and asked him to do the same. The British sailor instead of going for that humbly asked, “Sir, will you please tell me, why I should do it? Is it going to help you or me in any way? Though everybody got stunned the British admiral firmly said, “This is an example that not only discipline but also courage is essential for winning ay battle”.

Though this is an anecdote, it does convey the meaning of courage. The meaning of ‘courage’ must not be misinterpreted, as courage never means insubordination, but gives you a right to seek clarification if any doubt arises in your mind.

I remember a very interesting incident. I was an absolute fresher at that time, hardly having worked for ten or fifteen days in the field. The day when my executive came for the first time to my territory for joint working, I was very enthusiastic to begin the day. In over enthusiasm I got ready by 8.30 a.m. Though the time to meet him was 9.30 a.m., since I was ready I started early and reached the contact point around five past nine. I was just sitting on my scooter seat, waiting for my executive to come. The moment the hands of the clock reached nine and six, I saw my executive coming in. He came and asked me, “How long have you been waiting?” I said, “Only for last 25 minutes”. He did not say anything and we moved out for the working. Next time again he visited my territory and found me waiting for him. When the third time also same thing happened, he told me quietly. “Mr. Mehrotra, ‘Punctuality’ does not mean reaching before time. It means reaching on time”.

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