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Were they doing three different jobs? No, certainly not. For all practical purposes, they were doing the same job, that is, putting one brick over another and cement and sand mixture in between. What is different is their attitude towards the job. The one who considered his job to be putting one brick over another may not necessarily ensure that both the bricks are in symmetry. Similarly, the one who considered it to make the wall six feet high may not bother whether the wall will be there or not after a few months. However, the one who said that he was laying the foundation of a big castle will certainly take all the precautions that are necessary for the foundation to support a big building above it. Similarly, as a Field Manager, you must remember that you have to lay a solid foundation for a successful career for you as well as your team members. This is possible only when you and your team members are absolutely clear about your own as well as the organization’s goals. All the questions that you need to ask yourself, with regard to training and communicating with your team members, can be summed up in a single word, CAREER. Well, the answer lies in each of its letters. CAREER is an acronym which stands for the concepts explained below.

C: Clarity

  • Do your team members have absolute clarity about their role?
  • Do you have a clear-cut plan for the development of each of your team members?
  • What needs to be done in order to achieve the planned objectives? How will their success be evaluated?

A: Ability

  • Do they have the ability to fulfill your expectations in terms of their ‘roles’ and ‘objectives’?
  • Are they capable of following the plan for development designed by you?
  • Are they committed to the plan?

R: Relationships

  • Do they share a good relationship with you and other seniors?
  • Do they share a good relationship with their peers?
  • Do they share a good relationship with doctors, chemists and stockists?

E: Environment

  • Are you providing your team members with an environment that is conducive to work?
  • Are you an autocrat or a developer as a manager?
  • Are you committed to their development?
  • How good are you in communicating with them as well as coaching them?

E: Encouragement

  • Do you regularly encourage your team members to surpass their own performance standards?
  • Are you providing them opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills?
  • Are you assisting them through ‘on-’ and ‘off-’ the job training?
  • Are you developing their competence so that they may get ready to accept future challenges?

R: Recognition and Reward

  • Do you recognize the efforts of your team members and reward them appropriately?
  • Do they get the feeling that they are important to the organization?
  • Does the organization consider their contribution valuable?

Success comes only to those who work smartly and diligently. As you progress with this book, you will realize that each of the points above are the building blocks in the making of successful CAREER for your team members. And while you are working at it, your own career graph will definitely be on an upswing.

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