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JoHari Window

Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham have developed a model which is popularly known as JoHari Windows. JoHari Window is a very popular and easily understood model of communication. Apart from emphasizing the need of giving and receiving feedback to improve our communication, JoHari Window highlights its impact on maintaining mutually acceptable relationship with others.

Joseph and Harry used the word 'Window' as a symbol to explain an individual's inner self and its interactions with the outer world. We know a window in our homes serves a dual purpose. Apart from allowing the fresh air to enter into our homes and purify the atmosphere it also helps us to view the outside world from within. At the same time people from outside can also peep in and can view us. However, the view from outside depends upon the size of the window and whether it's open or not. If the window is very small, is shut or have a curtain, people from outside will have a restricted vision? Similarly, the concept of JoHari windows helps us to understand as to how we can purify our inner environment by acting upon the feedback (fresh air) offered to us by others. It also helps us to get the views of others as they see us. However, other's view depends upon our willingness to share the inner feelings and to accept the suggestions of others. Both these aspects ultimately decide the quality of our relationships...

(Excerpts from the book, 'Why My Horse Doesn't Listen - Learn to communicate effectively)

Vivek Mehrotra

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