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Is Money the best motivator?

It is a myth that ‘MONEY’ is the best motivator. It is observed that people keep working for a company for money but do not necessarily produce any extraordinary results. On the contrary, people take initiative and produce extraordinary results because of their own motivation. It is rightly said, “Money and job satisfaction are the two wings of a bird; one is enough for survival, but to fly high both are required.

Most of us believe that it is very easy to motivate a person. However, it is true that nobody can motivate anybody. Motivation is an inner feeling, a desire, and an inclination that compels a person to act or behave in a certain manner. An individual gets either motivated or demotivated solely because of oneself. As a practicing manager we have a very limited role as far as job contents, design or working conditions are concerned. Nevertheless, we have an important role to play i.e. creating the right environment for people to feel motivated and perform.

Another important role we need to play effectively is to carry out ‘Performance Appraisal’ and provide feedback to our team members on a regular basis. Though all of us know recognition and rewards motivate a person yet on many occasion we fail to do so. Remember,

“Things that get rewarded get done”. As a manager if we fail to reward the right behavior, most likely we get the wrong results

A mistake most of us often commit is that we handle all our team members in the same manner. We forget what motivates one does not necessarily motivate the other. Different people have different needs; it is their craving for fulfilling these needs that pushes them to put in extraordinary efforts. For instance, a person in his early years of career may be more concerned for money. However, over a period instead of money, the job security matters to him more. At this stage he/she may not be as disappointed on not getting the incentive as on missing a promotion…..

Excerpts from the book: 'Why My Horse Doesn't Drink - Learn to motivate people around you

Vivek Mehrotra

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