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Smile: An Essential Dress

Charles Bell, an anatomist rightly stated, "Smile - one of the most ambiguous human expression involving 26 facial muscles - conveys a thousand different meanings". It is your smile that helps you to achieve customer satisfaction or customer loyalty. It is priceless. It is said, "The most expensive dress in your wardrobe is a smile on your face". However, most of us behave like a miser while using this priceless gift given to us by God. Researches have confirmed that we need fewer muscles to bring a smile on our face than for crying. Swami Vivekanand affirmed, "The Smile increases the self-immunity automatically". Whenever we smile, it brings a charm to our personality captivates one and all and is a sign of love and affection, forgiveness and fortitude.

Imagine yourself visiting two different shops for buying some articles for daily use. At one shop the shopkeeper welcomes you with a smile and asks you, 'What do you need'? At another shop, the shopkeeper asks you the same question but without a smile or greeting. What are your feelings while coming out from both these shops? Which shop would you like to visit again? I am sure it is the shop where you were greeted with a pleasant smile. Remember, your customer is a human being and will certainly appreciate a genuine smile on your face when you deal with him/her...

Excerpts from the book: 'Why My Horse Doesn't Smile - Learn to serve your customer

Vivek Mehrotra

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