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Customer Service: An Attitude

The way we react to situations or circumstances is our own choice. Sometimes, our decisions bring us success and sometimes we fail. This is because they are based on our perception of the situation or the person we are dealing with. Based on our perception, we think about the situation or the person. If we hold a particular thought in our mind for a while, it leads us to generate feelings that ultimately build our attitude. Our attitude determines the approach we use to respond to different situations or people. Hence, our 'attitude' can be defined as 'how we think'. The conscious and subconscious forces within us bring our thought into reality. Needless to mention, positive thoughts leads to positive results and negative thoughts to negative results. Hence, our attitude can be positive or negative based upon our thoughts.

Despite having a high self-esteem don't you sometimes look at yourself and feel terrible, incorrect, or inferior? There is nothing strange about this. Such feelings are absolutely normal; you must accept that you are human and these feelings represent the universal truths of human behavior. Every person experiences such feelings, to some extent, at different points of time. However, if someone persistently has such feelings, it develops a negative attitude towards oneself or life. This is harmful, both the person concerned and to the society. What is the way out of such a situation? One has to accept one's weakness or incompetence and then instead of grudging it, work upon developing the necessary competence. The irony is that most of us don't admit, rather we consciously hide our weakness, incompetence, or personal problems. Masking our feelings makes us feel frustrated. Little do we realize that the willingness to disclose our feelings with others can reinforce our self-confidence.

Negative thoughts and feelings can hinder our growth. People who care about their job and live their life well and who are hungry for growth are the only one who gets success in life. This happens because they strip away their worries, insecurities, suspicion, and inhibitions. They have a positive attitude towards life, which changes their outlook. They look for an opportunity in every situation, which makes their future brighter. For such people, every day comes with something interesting and they experience something new. They start identifying themselves with the positive characteristics of people around them, and this applies to both, to their close contacts as well as to their customers..

Excerpts from the book: 'Why My Horse Doesn't Smile - Learn to serve your customer

Vivek Mehrotra

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